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All About Stearns Home-Care

Professionalism. Excellence. Timeliness.

Home maintenance is such an essential and vital element of being a homeowner.  Almost daily, we witness what happens when home maintenance isn’t a priority.

So often, homeowners either don’t have the knowledge to do the maintenance themselves, don’t have the time as they are busy professionals, or other everyday life occurrences end up taking precedence over home maintenance.

It’s most troubling seeing elderly homeowners who aren’t able to keep up with it due to health reasons and end up having to leave their homes for assisted living sooner than they anticipated.

Not taking the time to do regular home maintenance leads to costly repairs down the road. This is why we created Stearns Home-Care, an annual home maintenance program. 

We want to help you prevent the unnecessary expense and inconvenience that comes from lack of maintenance. Each home is different, which is why we offer free home estimates! We come to your home to evaluate and give you a price right on the spot! We also offer our handyman services to all of our clients. 

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