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Our Services

What Does This Program Include?

  • Clean roof gutters

  • Maintain Light Bulbs, and Batteries

  • Change AC Filters

  • Inspect and repair Toilets

  • Clean bathroom exhaust fans

  • Clean refrigerator coils

  • Clean hood filters

  • Flush water heater

  • Safety check and lube garage door

  • Inspect drywall

  • Inspect/Repair Tub/Shower Caulking

  • Inspect/Repair sink caulking

  • Inspect/Repair grout

  • Inspect exterior wood

  • Inspect exterior caulking

  • Check doors locks

  • Check and repair weather stripping

  • Clean dryer vent

  • Inspect washer hoses

  • Clean sink drains

  • Clean Showerheads

  • Inspect Window Glass and screens

  • Clean Faucet Aerators

  • Power wash drive and sidewalk

  • Clean & maintaining garbage disposal

  • Clean washing machine

  • Clean dishwasher filter and sprayer

  • Inspect fence and make small repairs

  • Roof Inspection

  • GFCI Testing. Test function of all GFCI outlets as well as any GFCI/AFCI breakers.

  • Test water & gas shut-offs at all appliances and supply lines, as well as whole-home shut-offs for function and wear.

  • Whole-home winterizing: check pipes for adequate insulation, install spigot covers, winterize sprinkler system, and ceiling fan rotation.  *Please note, this service will help you avoid freeze damage, but we do not guarantee against free damage. In the event of a hard freeze, there are precautions that need to be taken at that time. We can provide you with a handout about some of the precautions that can be taken.  

Hands Drilling

Stearns Commitment To Quality

Stearns Home-Care is a division of Stearns Design Build, which has serviced the Brazos Valley since 1993.


Stearns has been one of the most trusted names in the industry. Hire us for this service and learn how we cater to the needs of each client, ensuring the results you need and deserve.


Each home is different which is why we offer free home estimates. The pricing is based on many different factors.


Our pricing for current clients homes ranges from $1800.00 - $2500.00 a YEAR. 

We offer a 15% discount when you pay for the year in full.  Feel free to reach out if you have questions or would like more information!

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