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Winterizing Your Home

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Texas is about to experience some freezing temperatures. Our Home-Care program takes care of winterizing, which includes some of the things listed below. However, additional tasks may need to be done in the event of an extreme freeze.

These tips provide a level of protection that most people can do themselves.

Covering the water line at the meter

The ground in our area is sufficient to protect water pipes from freezing in most situations. But there are places where the ground does not cover the pipelines, such as at the meter. In a light freeze, especially one that only lasts a few hours, there is no need to provide added protection at this location.

But if a hard freeze stays below 32 degrees for an extended period, you will want to provide insulation at this location. A terrific way to do this is to pile litter, such as hay or leaves, over the area and place a wheelbarrow upside down over the litter.

Covering exposed pipes

There may be other places where pipes may be exposed coming into the home. These pipes probably even have insulation on them. But in a hard freeze, especially one that lasts for an extended period, that insulation alone will not do the trick.

Wrapping those pipes in added insulation, such as towels, and placing a large pot of hot water next to them before you go to bed for the night will provide added protection.

Open doors from inside the home into the attic

We recommend that you turn up your thermostat to at least 70 degrees. Then open doors from inside the home into the attic to keep it warmer. Also, drip from both cold and hot on the inside faucets, as most people have hot water pipes exposed in their uninsulated attic.

Extra protection at spigots and outdoor faucets

In winterizing your home, we will have provided spigot covers that offer a good deal of protection but are insufficient in the event of a hard and/or extended freeze. These should be given added protection similar to exposed pipes.

Winterizing your sprinkler system

We do not winterize sprinkler systems. Most systems are maintained by another company under a separate contract. Make sure that your lines have been drained prior to winter.

Additional steps to take in the event of a hard freeze

  • Open cabinets. Any place there is a sink, open the cabinet doors. This allows the home’s heating system to keep pipes and walls where there is plumbing warm.

  • If you have a laundry room in a garage or other unheated location, you will also want to take precautions to keep those pipes warm.

  • Keep faucets dripping. Keeping a small amount of water moving through the pipes will help keep them from freezing. The harder the freeze, the more water you want moving through the pipes.

We can only hope that we don't have an extreme freeze this year, but these extra steps will help prevent damage to your home if it does.

Are you looking to join our home maintenance program? We offer free home estimates! Give us a call or sign up here to set yours up today.

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