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We Take The Headache Out Of Home Ownership.

We are excited to announce a new division of Stearns Design Build, Stearns Home-Care. Our Home-Care division brings award-winning customer service to home maintenance, by providing regularly scheduled, headache-free, home maintenance.

About Us

Honest & Efficient Work

Who does this program serve?

  • People who are too busy to do home maintenance.

  • People who do not enjoy doing home maintenance.

  • Senior citizens wishing to stay in their homes longer.

Home maintenance is such an essential and vital element of being a homeowner.  This is why we created Stearns Home-Care, an annual home maintenance subscription service. We provide regularly scheduled, headache-free, home maintenance. 

Let our well-trained technicians take the hassle out of your home maintenance. With this subscription service, in addition to providing prescriptive home maintenance, we are available for handyman service as well.

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What does this program include?

  • Maintain Light Bulbs, and Batteries

  • Change AC Filters

  • Inspect and repair Toilets

  • Clean bathroom exhaust fans

  • Clean refrigerator coils

  • Winterize spigots

  • Clean hood filters

  • Flush water heater

  • Safety check and lube garage door

  • Inspect drywall

  • Inspect/Repair Tub/Shower Caulking

  • Inspect/Repair sink caulking

  • Inspect/Repair grout

  • Inspect exterior wood

  • Inspect exterior caulking

  • Check doors locks

  • Check and repair weather stripping

  • Clean dryer vent

  • Inspect washer hoses

  • Clean sink drains

  • Clean Showerheads

  • Inspect Window Glass and screens

  • Clean Faucet Aerators

  • Power wash drive and sidewalk

Our subscription includes access to our Handyman services

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